Damon Hyldreth

Damon Hyldreth has been creating sculpture for over 30 years. His sculptures in steel – flowing forms that defy the heaviness of the material – are physical representations of the forces of nature. They embody delicate meeting points between elemental forces and man-made creation, balancing stasis and movement, the present and future moments, negative and positive space. He has received commissions throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East; his works are in the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and the collection of the Queen of Jordan.

Damon Hyldreth's art expands the consciousness of self and the consciousness of the self within society. His work stands as a reminder of the connection between man and nature as the world around us becomes increasingly removed from this essential and most basic union. While the metals he uses are clearly man-made, the result of his collaboration with them is a blurring of the divide between nature and structure, space and form. This results in a strong symbiosis between the formal elements of sculpture and its surroundings, both architectural and natural.

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