Dean Williams

Artist Dean Williams lives and works in Rothrist, Switzerland.

He is designer and art director in his own advertising agency, but his focus lies on his abstract paintings. Dean Williams has exhibited in Switzerland, the UK, France, Dubai and Egypt.

The paintings are a new way of communication, a language of colour, space and shape that is more accurate than a million words, Madeleinie Schupfer says.

Strong, intensive colours, broken by tender and elegant shape provoke and move spectators, fill them with joy, sadness, power or calmness, an experience of human sensitivity. His works are arranged in a mystic, unreal but then simple and modest way. It is not his input, Dean Williams says, but the output, the spiritual decodation and interaction between painting and spectator, that is of the utmost importance. Art is a mere instrument for people to understand the unknown and to express what was unconsciously felt before.

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