Pepe Gregoire

Pépé Grégoire: educated at the State Academy for Visual Arts in Amsterdam,
Mentors: Prof. Paul Grégoire, V.P.S. Esser, and Theresia van der Pant.
Awards: - Buys van Hulten Award - Grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome - Jan Hamdorff Award

In Pépé Grégoire's bronzes sculptures you can often recognize various themes such as Wind-force, Arms and Legs, the human Profile. His sculptures often show a strong contrast in the surface of the sculptural form. Contrast can also be found in balance and disbalance. As it seems Pépé likes to challenge the law of gravitation or finds
monumental value in arms and legs or hands and feet standing up in a intimate relation. In the expression of strength you find humor and
tenderness as a contrast.

Recently Pépé developed a new phenomenon in art; Photosculptures; monumental forms (aluminum or stainless steel) with a skin of photographic
fragments. Herewith he combines four art-forms together: photography, architecture, painting and sculpture.

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