Tian Yonghua

Tian Yonghua - Yibin, China, 1972
Great Chinese nation millions of people bring eternal vision of one mind, long-cherished utopian dream is returning back. Such a glorious age enables the great nation a louder voice, grander scene, deeper affection, and more diginity climax perfectly.

Trembling in each and every tiny soul, all passionate blood is gathering together into the huge trend of the times in a hopelessly devoted way. In the times material developing rapidly, mythos disappearing, heroes fading away, slogans dry up gradually, giants and heroes, authorities and beliefs are between icons, dolls and me.

I - is not a true 'I', I have to reconstruct my self to pursue the glorious cause and sublime ideal that fading away under the money impact, awake my sinking soul faced desires. My great revolution of 2008, exploing...'

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