“The mystery, complexity and composition of forests are in line with my views on life. They seem to subtly reflect the enigma, intricacy and unpredictability of this world. I re-connect with the ancient understanding of landscapes as “images of the mind” to capture glimpses of the human soul.” 

 Internationally recognised Pan Jian (b. 1976 in Shandong Province, China) has been acquired by major collectors such as Uli Sigg and DSL Collection. Pan Jian conjures up elements from the tradition of Chinese landscape painting with reminiscences of Rothko’s meditative quality, Yves Klein’s deep blue and Zao Wou-Ki’s flowing energy. By painting chaotic silhouettes of leaves and branches, Pan Jian explores uninhabited deep forests through an electrifying and intense colour palette, creating landscapes that are both symbolic and real at once.