At its core, Max Patté’s practice is an exploration of the infinite qualities of light and how it is expressed in the natural world manifested into physical works in the studio utilising the technologies he has at his fingertips. Advances in modern technologies are a constant source of inspiration to the production of Patté’s work. The latest developments in an array of computer programs, iPad apps, CNC Milling, digital scanning and 3D printing are all employed on a day to day basis in his studio. 


Light, colour, tone, saturation, warmth all have a direct effect on our mood; changing our emotions as much as our environment. Through the use of colour and light Patté’s practice, which spans light works, painting and sculpture,  endeavours to emit the same effect. Patté aims to change the space in which the work is viewed and alter the viewers’ relationship to that space. In much the same way that our immediate natural environment prompts a physiological change, Patté aims to produce work that offers a multi-sensory experience that provokes an emotional response. 



Patté’s highly collected Infinity Works series are an interplay of colour, space, light and shape, a twist on the fundamental characteristics of painting, art and design. Coloured glowing bodies appear to float in infinite space, the spaces between them like black holes that invite inspection, pulling the viewer into their glossy dark depths. These playful works or experiences are in equal measure about the dark space between the coloured patterns as the works themselves. They can be viewed as paintings or sculptures or simply as objects of illusion and intrigue.


Max Patté studied at the Wimbledon School of Art in London (1997-2000) and was elected an Associate of the Royal Society of British Sculptors in 2008. Max currently works between England and New Zealand.