Marco Grassi | HRTBRKR: London

15 - 28 June 2022



In the words of the artist:

I am shape and color !!
The shape is that of the human body
The color ... what I want
I feed on humanity, eyes, wandering souls like mine.
I want to create intimacy with whoever looks, in the game of looks and gestures.
The viewer is in turn watched.

My works represent the joy of being in the world,
the venus of Titian or Giorgione,
the central object is the expressiveness of a body
and I find the female one to be the best.
I think that by simply portraying a face,
it is possible to represent a world,
a historical period, a social context, a vision of life.

Mine are "everyday" girls
meet in a bar or on the street
... it's my generation !!
21st century women, never equal to themselves,
complex, childish, absorbed in their thoughts.

I began by abstracting the body from splashes of color
where I and only I saw the subject
for everyone they were abstract paintings.
Then, of course, I felt the need to define the figure more,
to make it my beating heart.

The subject is in the center
the background doesn't matter to me
in the last few series it has become gold or silver
but never uniform and clean
like rock music.

I spread the color with a large metal spatula that “scratches” the surface.
It is harsh reality.
Rotten yellow, primary red, blue, purple and pink above all.
Overlapping colors to outline the outlines, faces and profiles.

I think my research, my intentions, my consistency speak for themselves.
I think it would be invasive, arrogant and wrong “a priori for the observer to see
inside my works everything I see.
The emotions that each work transmits are very personal and this is the magic that art can perform,
that is to put everyone on the same level, because everyone says and gives something
in a unique and non-prepackable way.

In my next show you will fall in love.
Between you, with you ... with me.