Athenaeum | Women-only NFT Exhibition : London

8 - 30 March 2022 is proud to premiere an all-female group exhibition titled ‘Athenaeum’ for Women’s History Month (March) launching on International Women’s Day (8 March 2022). The show will run for two weeks until 30th March 2022.


Athenaeum: a sacred space historically dedicated to the worship of the female deity Athena, goddess of Wisdom and Art in Ancient Greece. However, the word was adopted to denote the names of libraries and institutions that were founded in the 19th Century for the learning and sharing of knowledge on science, art and literature, which were originally conceived as male-only private clubs. 


With the importance of women and their contributions to the arts too often overlooked in comparison to their male counterparts throughout history, new NFT exhibition.

 Athenaeum, presents a variety of unique NFTs by some of the most innovative female digital artists within the NFT and Crypto Art space, which is also a largely male-dominated sphere. 


According to Bloomberg, female artists accounted for just 5% of all sales since early 2020. HOFA has always strived to promote the work of female artists equally, with Athenaeum representing another important moment and opportunity to uphold the vital contributions of women within the art world and more specifically within the rapidly-developing NFTs space.


The six female participating artists are; MASSARO VISUALS (Venezuela), AVA (born in Germany with Italian and Lithuanian descent), Johannah Bird (Australia), Dead Seagull (Poland),  IVONA (Lithuania), Lindsay Kokoska (Canada). NFT Platform