Spirit of the Age | NFT Exhibition: London

1 - 21 April 2022

HOFA Gallery’s commitment and efforts to fostering the richness of digital art continues with a brand new series of curated NFT Exhibition drops in our metaverse gallery: HOFA.io

This Curated Drop focuses on showcasing a selection of highly talented artists tasked with creating artworks with one specific theme: ‘Mechanical Head: Spirit of our Age’.


The ‘Mechanical Head: Spirit of our Age’ is arguably one of the most well known artworks by ​​Raoul Hausmann (1886-1971), a leader of the Berlin Dada movement during the early 20th century. 


‘Mechanical Head: Spirit of our Age’ was utilized as the prompt and contextual inspiration to select and commission a series of unique NFT digital art pieces. Our contemporary landscape showcases a world of splintered perceptions, where pictorial and artistic systems have been dismantled and reevaluated in the age of digital art and the growth of the metaverse. This is not too different from the pre-war context of Berlin avant-garde movements such as Dada who sought to understand, react and break with past conventions of what art is.


Behind the prompt used by our curators is an ideal derived from the philosophical context related to the ‘Mechanical Head’, this piece specifically evokes the philosopher George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831). For Hegel, whose books include ‘Phänomenologie des Geistes’ (1807), everything is mind. Among Hegel's disciples and critics was Karl Marx. Hausmann's sculpture might be seen as an aggressively Marxist reversal of Hegel: this is a head whose "thoughts" are materially determined by objects literally fixed to it. 

This relationship remains present in our digital age and the metaverse environment which closely links a person’s thoughts and ideas to what is seen, commented and reposted digitally.


There are deeper targets in western culture that give ‘Mechanical Head’ as modern masterpiece its force. Hausmann turns inside out the notion of the head as seat of reason, an assumption that lies behind the European fascination with the portrait. He reveals a head that is penetrated and governed by brute external forces.


Our aim with the commission of these works is to inspire our artists and create a discussion of society’s relationship with media, technology and how art can become a material to embody the ideals of an age. 


The four participating artists are; Lukas (25m42) - (German), AnchorBall (USA) - Pronoun (Kazakhstan)  - Benjamin Garcia (Venezuela)

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