Chiselled Code | NFT Exhibition: London

27 April - 4 May 2022

HOFA Gallery’s commitment and efforts to fostering the richness of digital art continues with a brand new series of curated NFT Exhibition drops in our metaverse gallery: HOFA.ioThis Curated Drop focuses on showcasing a selection of highly talented artists tasked with creating artworks with one specific theme: ‘Chiselled Code’.


The earliest example of human-made sculpture artworks is believed to date back to around 32,000 B.C. Since the dawn of humankind and language, art in the form of painting and sculpture has been a key part of devotional practices throughout history. The venerating of artistic Icons in cultures across the world is a recurring and equalising concept that links us all. The earliest known sculpture is said to be The Venus of Berekhat Ram (230,000-700,000 BCE), discovered in the Golan Heights. Another early discovery is The Venus of Tan-Tan (c.200,000 BCE or earlier) a sculpture created in the pre-Homo sapiens era. 


Sculpted art is predominant all across the globe today. Used to transform public areas and enhance ideas and identities of its specific location. Overall, sculptures hold an intrinsic place in humanity's concept of art, representing the importance of an object which exists in three dimensions. To celebrate the importance of sculpture, the curating team at has decided to bring this exhibition forward to explore the evolution of sculpture, it's future in the Metaverse and beyond.


Our aim with the commissioning of these artworks is to inspire our artists and to help continue the journey of art, supporting the growth and richness of the digital art community and researching its potential.


The five participating artists are; AnchorBall (USA), Luke (Ireland), Voltaire (British), Joby Barrett (British), Léo Caillard (France) NFT Platform