Get A Piece Of The Ocean | NFT Exhibition: London

19 May - 1 June 2022
Humanity has always been connected to the oceans. We navigated them to reach every confine of the globe, we've built huge cities around them, they provide the best food, their depths and secrets surprise us. Our attachment to the big blue is inexplicably important to our civilizations.
When we are close to the waters we experience a state of calm, peace, unity and a sense of happiness and satisfaction; content for the moment.
I have always wanted to create a collection based on the sea, I aimed to bring out these feelings that connect us to the movements and rhythms of the ocean. That's what 'Infinite Oceans' is.
With this exhibition, I want this feeling of love for the Ocean to come into reality, with 5 pieces that capture aspects of the sea, enclosed into different shapes and geometries which never stop flowing in a perfect loop. As the ocean will never stop moving, these pieces won't either, they capture and instil the viewer the essence of the ocean.
Through my works, you can keep a piece of the ocean for yourself... NFT Platform