(SOLD OUT) Zhuang Hong Yi | NFT Release: LONDON

25 - 30 March 2021
HOFA’s inaugural NFT release is titled Pink Flower by Zhuang Hong Yi. This unique crypto-art is an ultra HD video of the artist's signature floral sculptural art created entirely in digital format.  

25 unique digital still frames extracted from the 1/1 crypto-art video, will be released as weekly limited edition drops.


"Pink  Flower: The digitalisation of flowers into the abstraction of virtuality is there to create a space of new possibilities, new boundaries, and new conceptions of what art can be. 
Pink Flower symbolises the exploration and expansion of my own creativity.The floral landscape expanding into different structures and dimensions makes for openness and directness of colour spreading across platforms. 
Pink Flower symbolises my aspiration to inspire and uplift."
-  Zhuang Hong Yi
The artworks will be available for purchase exclusively through HOFA Gallery powered by partner  Zora. Zora seamlessly connects the artist to their creations, with royalties being paid directly through the Etherium Blockchain in every transaction ensuring authenticity and recognition remains with the creator.   


HOFA and ARTCELS Co-founder, Elio D'Anna explains:

“We have always aimed to innovate in this market, and became the first fine art gallery to offer purchases via cryptocurrency in 2018.  Our entry into NFTs will become another first, as we successfully usher contemporary art by recognised and celebrated artists into the cryptosphere.”  

The NFT works will launch to the public on 25th March and HOFA will drop a new Pink Flower NFT release every Thursday at 6PM (GMT) for the duration of the exhibition.


The guide for collectors previously unfamiliar with acquiring NFTs will accompany the release on the  HOFA website.