Connecting the Art World to a Digital Future.


    The HOFA DAO membership program is a decentralized ecosystem bringing together the works of 100 leading contemporary artists, influential digital creators, and collectors.


    The DAO is governed by its Members Pass, providing voting rights and monthly rewards in ETH, USDC and ARTEM Coin to artists, members & collectors.


    The program features exclusive 1/1 auctions every week (Physical Artworks + NFTs) with Real-World VIP Access & Metaverse Experiences unlocking: Crypto Rewards | Voting Rights | Learn 2 Earn Program (L2E)







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  • Beyond The Screen | Digital Art Exhibition, London

    Beyond The Screen | Digital Art Exhibition

    London 5 - 26 May 2023
    Beyond The Screen HOFA and Kreation are proud to present 'Beyond the Screen', an immersive exhibition featuring nine boundary-pushing works of renowned and emerging AI and digital artists. The exhibition...

  • HOFA.io NFT Platform  


    HOFA has launched its own governance token ARTEM, facilitating curated programs and the acquisition of blue-chip contemporary art, luxury collectibles and limited edition NFTs. 
    HOFA is the first fine art gallery to launch its own native ERC20 token, called ARTEM Coin (exchange symbol ARTEM). The new native token launched at an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on 21 December 2021. It launched cross-chain on two of the Leading IDO launch pads Cardstarter (Cardano native launch), and DaoMaker (Ethereum Launch). 
    ARTEM issued one billion coins in total, with 20 million reserved for public sale. Private investors will be offered 250 million of the new coins. The coins debuted at the price of $0.045. 
    ARTEM Coin’s launch became the latest accomplishment of innovative co-founders Elio D’Anna (CEO) and Simonida Pavicevic (President). After launching HOFA Gallery together in 2012, this traditional art business has been through a metamorphosis when they became the first to offer their entire portfolio for sale via crypto in 2018. More recently launching Kreation.io an NFT marketplace and HOFA.io a curated NFT platform with an auction house and special editions marketplace. 
    ARTEM Coin supports collectors working across HOFA’s two NFT platforms Kreation.io and HOFA.io and the traditional art gallery – and this will become the first instance of this kind of integration for NFTs. HOFA uses this cross-chain solution to help bridge these platforms and offer different networks the potential to tap into some of the leading traditional artists and digital creators. 
    This unique consensus model enables stakeholders on its blockchain to participate in making key decisions about the cryptocurrency, helping the platform to evolve into a substantial support for NFT collecting. 
    This global art and crypto operation is run between Zug and London, with many more satellites such as fine art galleries in Mykonos and LA. 
    Elio D’Anna, CEO of Artem Coin says about the forthcoming launch

    “Artem Coin sits at the core of HOFA’s business, interacting with each of the metaverse marketplaces, and affiliated networks, building a community of collectors and art lovers around the opportunity for rewards and incentives as well as offering artists full transparency on sales and acquisitions.”