(SOLD OUT) Romina Ressia | NFT Release: LONDON

22 - 27 April 2021



HOFA's fifth NFT release is titled "Bubble Gum Interference" by Romina Ressia. This crypto-art is a unique 1/1 ultra HD video of Romina Ressia's signature portraiture influenced by classical paintings.
Romina Ressia is a multi-award-winning photographer and artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ressia studied Photography, Art Direction and Scenery in different places including the Institute of the prestigious Teatro Colon. Ressia is most well known for her anachronisms and approach to modern issues. Her works are represented by galleries in London, Edinburgh, Switzerland, Belgium, Sao Paulo & Mykonos, and exhibited in New York, Milan, London, Paris, Brussels and many others. She received the title of "Photographer of the year" from The International Color Awards in 2017 and was selected as one of the 17 young women who are in their way to become influential figures of the world by The Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in 2016.
"Technology challenges us everyday to exceed our limits and think out of the box. It gives us infinite possibilities. The thing to consider is what we do with all these possibilities and how we use them...
That has been the concept behind my work since a decade, and it motivated me to create my first NFT video."
- Romina Ressia, Artist
KnownOrigin is an artist-driven platform that seamlessly connects the artist to their creations, with royalties being paid directly through the Ethereum Blockchain in every transaction ensuring authenticity and recognition remains with the creator. KnownOrigin empowers digital creatives over the world to monetise their craft and to engage with their fan base and collectors on a meaningful, transparent and fair basis.

The NFT work "Bubble Gum Interference" will launch to the public on Thursday, 22 April at 9:10PM (BST) / 4:10PM (EDT).  The auction will close on 27 April at 8PM (BST) / 3PM (EDT).


For collectors previously unfamiliar with acquiring NFTs, follow this how-to guide to set up your wallet.