ARTEM rewards - MONTH 3: APRIL 2022





    NFT rewards for ARTEM Stakers include works from:

    • Dead Seagull

    • Joby Barrett 

    • Ken Kelleher
    • AVA

    ARTEM Platinum Stakers Only

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    • Fashion week London / NY / Paris / Milan (10 tickets) February

    • ARTCELS ‘Masters’ VIP London launch (10 tickets) February 

    • Zona Maco Art Fair in Mexico City (10 tickets) February 

    • Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair (10 tickets) March 

    • Special offers from Harrods London on selected luxury goods, watches & fine jewellery. March

    • Special offers from SAKS Fifth Avenue on selected luxury goods, watches & fine jewellery. April

    • Trinity Mykonos (2 nights complimentary accommodation in luxury suit / terms apply) May

    • Scorpios Mykonos (10 tickets) June

    • FIFA World Cup Qatar (10 tickets) November

  • REWARDS: HOFA DAO Membership & ARTEM Platinum Stakers Only Loribelle signed prints (HOFA DAO raffle February 11th) Vladinsky signed original...

     REWARDS: HOFA DAO Membership & ARTEM Platinum Stakers Only

    • Loribelle signed prints (HOFA DAO raffle February 11th)

    • Vladinsky signed original paintings (HOFA DAO raffle February 11th)

    • Bran Symondson Signed Print (HOFA DAO raffle February 11th)

  • Dead Seagul, Crimson Tide

    Dead Seagul

    Crimson Tide

    Dead Seagull is a Polish digital illustrator pushing the boundaries of what is considered conventionally pleasing to the eye. Known for exploring the intersections of traditional art and technology, she delves into Asian culture by merging delicate content with gore and the macabre. The artist’s works frequently radiate a cold violence whilst creating intense personal moments. For her, the spirits in Asian mythology, more often than not, are a reflection of a particular human quality or state, allowing her to express idiosyncrasies on a digital canvas.

  • Joby Barrett, CAPSULE

    Joby Barrett


    Joby Barrett is a London born self-taught Multidisciplinary Artist whose work reflects on our perception of objects and spaces with a central focus on how we relate to and perceive time. His naturalistic-surrealist and modernist design ideologies are inspired by his training in Architecture alongside his interest in natural systems. Joby is driven to produce work that reframes our perspective on core principles such as time, light and space. He believes this is especially important now during the advent of web3, a place beyond time, which has unlimited possibilities to both generate and preserve culture.


    In 2021, he founded AIMSIR Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice that specialises in 3D design, from 3D printed Jewellery to NFT’s, to buildings and spaces in the Metaverse. CAPSULE 0 is the first edition of the AIMSIR Capsule collection. The collection will be releasing later this year consisting of NFTs, Prints, Sculpture, Jewellery and Clothing.

  • Ken Kelleher, Melty Darth

    Ken Kelleher

    Melty Darth

    Ken Kelleher is an American sculptor. He studied art at Alfred University under sculptors Glenn Zweygardt and William Parry. After college he worked at Hudson Studio, Fine Art Foundry in Niverville, NY where he did finishing work on cast bronze pieces by William Tucker and Anthony Caro, as well as other artists. Hudson Studio was in a shared space at the time with sculptor Jon Isherwood and is in close proximity to Triangle Workshop. Before becoming a Creative Director in Advertising he produced several series of large abstract sculptures, some of which were sold into private collections. Now twenty years later, Ken has returned to having a full time studio practice. He lives and works with his wife of 25 years at Rehoboth in NH.


    Ken Kelleher has pieces installed in Buffalo and Alfred NY, Doha, Qatar, China and one in production for Indonesia. Small pieces will be available soon through J Steven Manolis Gallery in Miami soon as well as large commissions for private estates and public spaces.


  • Jessica Avarello, REM-Sleep

    Jessica Avarello


    AVA is a 3d visual artist born in Germany, who creates 3d visuals out of a deep state of inner reflection, vivid dreaming, and occurring visions. She is of Italian and Lithuanian descent and shares her time between Germany - where she studied virtual design - and the UK. Through her art, AVA transforms her thoughts and feelings into abstract, almost surreal worlds and sculptural elements.