Dylan Gebbia-Richards

Dylan Gebbia-Richards’ striking use of colour, texture and unpredictable surfaces make for a style which is now unique to his practice. Through extensive experimentation, he gains a deep understanding of his chosen materials, building up layers of melted wax and coloured pigment. He exploits these materials in a way that brings out their most unusual and natural qualities. Through these techniques, his works resemble a microcosm of the natural world. Gebbia- Richards encourages the viewer to move around the piece, exploring it from every angle to appreciate its ever-changing and dynamic surface. The precariously placed structures on the surface create a feeling of unease for the viewer. His use of texture and vivid colours inspire awe and his large scale installations play with the immateriality of the space, submerging the viewer into what resembles a natural phenomenon.
Spontaneous interactions between different colours and shapes drive his works forward. Through illusion, Gebbia-Richards attempts to capture ephemeral qualities in his landscapes. While Gebbia- Richards’ paintings vary in size, all are built to engulf the viewer. “Sometimes this is very literal like in my room-sized installations which encompass those inside.” Even with Gebbia-Richards smaller works, he manages to generate a feeling that the place is far larger than it is; this is seen through how he challenges the confines of a canvas, breaking out from its traditional boundaries.