Mary Ronayne

Mary Ronayne lives in Co. Kildare, Ireland. She studied Fine Art in TU Dublin, History of Art in Cardiff and an MA Art in the Contemporary World in NCAD, Dublin.


Irish painter Mary Ronayne collects imagery from literary sources, old prints and paintings, photographs, magazines, accruing references from variant eras and historical times, cutting and joining divergent histories and narratives - Renaissance imagery positioned alongside reconstructed magazine shots of contemporary domestic interiors hosting families incongruous to the era.


Her preferred choice of gooey, enamel paint, create an illusion of blithe, cartoon-like characters and spaces, a fool’s paradise, seemingly devoid of intended political or social meaning, yet there is a Hogarthian quality to the work, a suggestion that behind the farcical lies satire and allegory, a collection not quite disclosing itself.

She often paints on irregular shaped surfaces and artist made structures.