Sepand Danesh

Sepand Danesh is a French-Iranian artist who's work has been exhibited in 10 solo shows and over 40 group shows. He was featured in the Dubai Expo 2020.

Danesh often explores the incorporation of optical illusions in his works; in his canvases, he always uses corners without including a floor or ceiling, still managing to propel a three-dimensional persepctive.


Sepand Danesh's approach highlights perpetual movement of thought, its paradoxes, its connections and the richness of its variability.

In his process, drawing allows Sepand to fragment ideas through a grid by sampling each reflection into a sketch. Juxtaposed with other similar thoughts, it becomes a codex or an eclectic set of creative moments. Being at the source of all my projects, this cognitive exercise functions as a notebook.
Painting and trompe-l’oeil techniques lead him to design heuristic spaces that aim to provoke the viewer. His canvases are always composed of a corner without floor or ceiling. Inside this exploration space, he places objects with omniscient appearances, extracted from his personal memory and from a wider memory taken in his historical and artistic environment. The corner encloses and prevents the momentum of the body in its progression and movement, forcing the spirit to escape through imagination and creativity. His paintings thus offer the viewer a cognitive dialectic of prevention and escape. He uses the corner as a metaphor for confinement in his body, in languages, in countries, on earth, and that goes without saying, in the human condition.