Nemo Jantzen

Born and raised in The Hague, after his study of art, design and photography at the RTO in Rotterdam he moved to Antwerp, working as a Creative Director and billboard artist while further developing his technique and style as a fine artist. After several years in Belgium, and a year travelling through Asia and the Middle East, he settled down in Spain, dedicating his career to the making and selling of fine art, mentoring other emerging artists, and consistently exhibiting to high acclaim. Jantzen has since shown and sold his work in galleries throughout Europe and the United States and has been presented at numerous international art fairs in London, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, and Miami, and his work can be found in many private and public collections around the world.


From his studios in New York and Bali, he stays abreast of the ever-changing contemporary art scene in the Big Apple, whilst letting his imagination and his passion for the ocean run free in the land of the gods.


His work has consistently explored the dialogue of narrative tropes in an image soaked contemporary environment. Early works found pop-inspired imagery creating new contexts from photo journalism and advertising, with highly detailed enlarged objects placed out of their natural environment. Successive shows moved on to use and explore cinematic stills as the source of a visual collective consciousness. 'Hyper-realistic' work takes the dialogue to the next level by incorporating the vocabulary of cinematography and the expediency of digital photography as an inspiration for the new paintings. Nemo’s hyper-realist narrative paintings and his mixed media work evoke the iconic images embedded in the collective unconscious, illustrating the overlap between our memories of images from contemporary cinema and our real-world experiences.