Javier Leon Perez

Javier León Pérez was born in Seville in 1977, where he went on to study at the School of Arts, obtaining a graduate degree in 2001, specialising in ceramics and sculpture. In 2007 he received Bachelors degree at the University of Arts in Seville, before completing his MFA in Creation and Investigation MAC+1 at the University Complutense de Madrid.


In Javier's Japanese paper works the detailed process, an eternal repetition of small elements that cover the surface and act as a mantra, a sacred formula, and a deeply personal ritual for the artist. The Experience lived by the viewer is of great concern for the artist. Javier is interested in the viewers' ability to project itself as they look at connections with the reality, or signs and symbols established when experimenting with abstract forms.


His work has been exhibited in national and international contemporary galleries, such as AJG Gallery (Seville), Judy Straten Gallerie (Hors), Victor Lope (Barcelona), Puerta Roja Gallery (Hong Kong) and Trema Contemporânea Art (Lisbon).


He has participated in Art Central (Hong Kong), Art Taipei (Taiwan), JustMad (Madrid), Art Lisbon Art Fair, Bazaar Jakarta, Kiaf (Korea), Swab Contemporary Art (Barcelona), CASA/ /ART (Madrid), Liste Coln (Cologne) and PAM (Amsterdam). Javier's has been exhibited in the Paper Biennial of Contemporary Art held at the Museum Rijswijk (Netherlands), and premiered at the Biennale of Contemporary Art Lalin (Pontevedra, Spain).