Dean Fox

Dean Fox born in London, studied fine art and illustration at the prestigious Central St Martins school of art and design. Following his degree Fox perused a career as a visualiser - commercial artist producing visuals, storyboards and conceptual art within the advertising and gaming sector. This experience gave Dean a professional approach to his artistic practice. He was able to hone his skills as a draftsman and knowledge of anatomy, which Dean feels is a crucial aspect of understanding artists should have fundamentally. After many years working in this sector, Dean returned to his first love of oil painting and with a passion to push his own creativity and express himself authentically. His works generally plays on deconstructing classical themes, minimalising the subjects and abstracting them. These approaches combined with desaturated colour pallets leads to a beautiful exploration and reinvention of his first passion of classical art. The interplay or complementaries between abstraction and objectivity in Deans work is always the central focus and he feels strongly this balance is important through all aspects of art and life in general.