24 February - 6 March 2022

ARTCELS launches new tokenised blue-chip art portfolio using NFTs and blockchain technology, featuring eight contemporary masterpieces.


Ground-breaking digital art investment platform ARTCELS launches the final of its three-part high yield tokenised blue-chip art portfolio series. The trilogy's crescendo is the new Masters’ portfolio valued at $1.35m. 

Masters has been curated for the Millennial art collector and features works selected for their uniqueness, rarity, collectability and appreciative potential. It will showcase eight works from eight contemporary global masters, Daniel Arsham, Robert Nava, Invader, Jason Revok, Amoako Boafo, Madsaki, Josh Sperling and Mike Lee. Adding to the portfolio's sui generis nature, each work is unique with no editions or prints presented in this portfolio. 


ARTCELS  is designed to open the lucrative world of blue-chip art investments to a wider and younger international market. The pioneering contemporary series of art exhibitions offers investors equity in the form of digital tokens backed by shares in the artworks as registered assets of a London UK based Limited company.