Vladinsky | Revealing Obscura: London

3 - 17 November 2022

Romanian visual artist, Vladinsky, renowned for his signature abstract style of portraiture today announces the latest progression of his critically acclaimed 'Observer' series, which will be showcased at HOFA Gallery this autumn.




"Elevate yourself by observing the revealing of a new human into modern society."


On his journey to 1000 'Observer' paintings, Vladinsky sensed a lack of command over his work, which inspired the artist to pursue the most natural path possible:

"To let go when you feel you have to"

Vladinsky believes that conflict and overall negative forces have a profound effect on the human psyche. In current times, the artist has also expressed that his artistic independence and power of expression are under threats of repression; our current socioeconomic status quo directly inspired the new compositional features in the latest assortment of 'Observer' artworks.

Flat layers of paint obscure the underlaying figures, creating new form and refound sense of mystery that precisely completes the finished images of this highly regarded contemporary practice.