8 - 12 February 2023

HOFA Gallery's concept for our 2023 booth conveys the complexities of the juxtaposition of execution between the work of Romina Ressia and Fabio La Fauci, who both portray similarities in their respective photographic methods within the context and their relationship to the painting medium, but equally exhibit contrasting approaches which extend to both stylistic and thematic elements.


Romina Ressia's chosen medium is photography with the intention to imitate painting, more precisely painting styles influenced by Flemish masters. She elevates her technique in order to supersede the effect of photography that emulates the structural and textural elements of painting, notable within the artist’s clean and controlled composition which derives from the classical aesthetics of Old Masters.


Fabio La Fauci adheres to abstract representation in order to discern the figurative from the conceptual, embodying the characteristics of portraiture and defying all attempts of creative classification. His works, similar to those of Ressia’s, seem to constitute a sense of control, although through a more expressive approach.


Instant parallels are drawn between the works of Romina Ressia and Fabio La Fauci as both contemplate their respective subject matters, although through contrasting disciplines, uniquely communicating their own aesthetic language.