Hunt Slonem | Wings across the Atlantic: London

31 August - 13 September 2023
American contemporary artist Hunt Slonem launches new works in ‘Wings Across the Atlantic’ exhibition at HOFA, London, 31 August – 13 September 2023. 
Slonem was a contemporary of Andy Warhol whose tiled Campbell soup cans and Marilyn Monroe portraits inspired his own works. The artist has had more than 300 global solo exhibitions and has been included in the permanent collections of more than 250 museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Slonem's art is largely inspired by his love for nature. Works by the artist often depict tropical birds, butterflies, bunnies, and plants which he encountered while travelling the world as a child and as a young art student.


Combining representation and abstract expression, Slonem reflects the beauty and prolific exuberance of nature using repetition and vibrant colours in his distinctive style. He also incorporates a cross hatching technique which gives his gestural paintings an unmistakable texture, adding layers of depth, aesthetic symmetry, and abstraction to his charming creations.  


Through the decades, Slonem has remained an artistic force by staying true to his signature style while embracing new mediums and audiences. In additionto painting, he is a famous collector of art and antiques, and is involved in preserving and restoring historic American buildings such as the Watres Armory in Scranton, Pennsylvania. His art is remarkably accessible and like an elaborate tapestry with room for all, there's something for everyone in Slonem's expansive oeuvre which exude his infectious joie de vivre.


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