Vladinsky | Desire & Distortion: London

10 - 22 November 2023

Romanian visual artist Vladinsky, renowned for his signature abstract style of portraiture, announces the latest progression of his critically acclaimed 'Observer' series, alongside a further investigation of bodily distortions, which will be showcased at HOFA Gallery this autumn.


His practice is essentially an examination of humanity conflicted by their surroundings, profoundly affecting the human psyche and challenging our coexistence within the current social climate. He declares that the power of expression is currently minimised under the threat of repression, which steers his spontaneity to determine the outcome of his compositions by allowing the paintbrush to take complete control of the canvas,


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"Elevate yourself by observing the revealing of a new human into modern society."

Continuing his journey to compose 1000 'Observer' paintings, Vladinsky's consistent lack of command over his work evidently inspires the artist to pursue the most natural path possible.


Flat layers of paint obscure the underlying figures, constructing a new form and profound sense of mystery that precisely completes his highly regarded contemporary practice.


Private opening NOV 9 2023