New Beginnings | Digital Art Exhibition: London

11 April - 1 May 2024

HOFA Gallery and Fellowship AI platform announce the launch of "New Beginnings", a pioneering London exhibition that documents the evolution of AI artistry, weaving together the realities of AI, art and the human experience. In partnership with AI art curation and research experts, Crysalis, the exhibition will run from 11 - 30 April 2024.


This ground-breaking showcase will present 14 globally renowned AI artists, including Niceaunties, Sougwen Chung, Emily Xie and Elman Mansimov, who explore the profound implications of AI on art and human interaction. As well as other artists Kevin Abosch, Ivona Tau, Agoria, Gordon Cheung, Roope Rainisto, Crosslucid, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Legio X, Sheldrick and Noper. Elio D’Anna, Co-founder of HOFA Gallery, elaborates, “With the emergence of new AI models and techniques, a profound technological evolution occurred in 2023.


"New Beginnings" captures the first major works conceived and produced in the post-transition period, juxtaposing them with early era AI creations of immense significance. It effectively narrates the evolution of AI-generated artistry while simultaneously redefining contemporary perceptions of art in the digital age.” 


"New Beginnings" showcases a diverse spectrum of mediums and methodologies that reflect the journey of AI and its dual role as both inspiration and instrument in the artistic process. The creators selected for this showcase are considered the vanguard of integrating AI technologies with creative expression encapsulated through their innovative practices. 


Show highlights include:

● Niceaunties, a Singapore-based architect and AI artist, who draws inspirations from the rich tapestry of her culture and explores themes of aging, personal freedom and everyday life through generative AI and digital art.

● Multi award-winning Sougwen 愫君 Chung, a Chinese-Canadian artist, who is widely regarded as a pioneer in human-machine collaboration. Recognised as one of TIME100’s esteemed AI innovators, their MEMORY (Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 2) piece has the distinction of being the first AI model acquired by London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

● New York based artist Emily Xie harnesses algorithms to create life-like textures and forms, navigating delicate balances between chance and control and the abstract and representational. Her work has been showcased internationally, including at the Singapore ArtScience Museum and the Armory Show.

● Artist Elman Mansimov is a Senior Applied Scientist, who is known for pioneering research in AI. His 2015 ‘alignDRAW’ project, the first text-to- image model that marked a new era of human-machine collaboration, has been compared to the revolutionary impact of the first fixed photographs in the 1820s.


HOFA, founded in 2012, specialises in curating and exhibiting contemporary artworks that blend traditional techniques with digital innovation. The gallery's dedication to merging these elements is symbolic of its broader mission to catalyse a renaissance in art acquisition, connecting the tangible with the digital to enchant a discerning global audience. Similarly, ‘Fellowship’ aims to bridge the past and present, shaping the future of art by leveraging blockchain technology to introduce art to a new generation of collectors. 


Sunny Cheung, who oversees Design & Architecture curation at M+, Asia’s first global museum of contemporary visual culture, states within his curatorial statement regarding ‘New Beginnings’, “The recent advancements in AI and generative art processes often feel like magic. Through this exhibition, we explore this magic in AI's evolution and its impact on creative practices. The artists selected have embraced digital tools to create works that reflect new, faster and collaborative production methods.


With vast data flows and virtualisation, artists can draw from lived experiences to create new meanings; He adds “Like all great relationships, we don’t necessarily know where the relationship with AI and art is heading, but we are excited by the new possibilities that come with New Beginnings.”