9 - 18 November 2020

God is a Woman features a collective of new works by Cuban artist Darian Mederos. After years of utilizing portraits as his main tool of communication Mederos’s practise evolved by expanding the figurative female nude as oil paintings. 


“I was always keen on portraits and I used to believe that with a simple portrait I could share all the information that I wanted to with a few gentle brushstrokes. However, I recently discovered a whole new world; the human body. And, I cannot imagine the human body without visualizing the shape of a woman.”


In God is a Woman, Mederos rejects the standard western concept of beauty by honouring diversity in women's bodies. Through each painting, Mederos looks for perfection in the imperfections, exploring the depths of the model and going beyond the superficial aesthetic of the female nude often portrayed by the male gaze.


Following his previous works, the artist continues to use bubble wrap as an iconographic trait, used both, as a protective element and metaphorical ephemerality. The thin layer of translucent armour is a way to make the spectator reflect and care about the protection of the sitter, the multitude of experiences she has lived, each contributing to her identity and sense of self while simultaneously alluding to her vulnerability.



The title of the exhibition God is a Woman touches on the creation of life, diversity of beauty and female empowerment.