Essence | Zhuang Hong Yi Solo Show: London

8 March - 11 April 2021

 "Escapism has been a movement for many centuries and it is still a relevant phenomenon for the present time. Art is connecting people all around the world as a kind of universal language and I am beyond honoured to be part of the art world and art society. It is therefore with great pleasure and gratitude that, even during times like these, I am able to present my show Essence.”


 -  Zhuang Hong Yi

The contemporary master of colour Zhuang Hong Yi is returning to HOFA Gallery this March with a solo exhibition 'Essence'. This body of works created during a time of uncertainty and global unrest is concerned with reflection, meditation and rebirth. Here the Chinese artist is addressing the eternal and the ever-changing through the symbolism of the flower. This exhibition reflects on the passing of time and beauty within nature in order to look forward to a new beginning.
'Essence' is an abstract contemporary take on escapism, dwelling not on pleasurable activities but on the pleasure of an intimate and subjective encounter with the beauty and colours of nature. Its pleasure unfurls in the mind, taking viewers’ thoughts momentarily away from the strains of the present to the familiar yet uninhibited beauty of nature.