(SOLD OUT) Derrick Santini | NFT Release: LONDON

7 - 9 April 2021


HOFA's third NFT release is titled 'Touching Gold' by Derrick Santini. This crypto-art is a unique 1/1 moving image of Derrick Santini's signature portraiture work created entirely in digital format.
KnownOrigin is an artist-driven platform that seamlessly connects the artist to their creations, with royalties being paid directly through the Ethereum Blockchain in every transaction ensuring authenticity and recognition remains with the creator. KnownOrigin empowers digital creatives over the world to monetise their craft and to engage with their fan base and collectors on a meaningful, transparent and fair basis.

The NFT work 'Touching Gold' will launch to the public on 8th April at 6PM (GMT). The auction will run for 24 hours and close on 9th April at 6PM (GMT).


For collectors previously unfamiliar with acquiring NFTs, follow this how-to guide to set up your wallet.