• Art has the remarkable ability to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance the overall experience of a place. Whether it's a hotel lobby, a residential property, or an institutional setting, incorporating art into the design can create a unique and captivating atmosphere. Our team of advisors combine their experience in portfolio management, insight into sourcing art for corporate, residential and hospitality projects, working closely with clients and designers.


    Regardless of the project type, our art advisory services provide invaluable guidance throughout the art acquisition process. They possess a comprehensive understanding of art history, market trends, and emerging artists, enabling them to identify the most suitable artworks for each project. Additionally, art advisors assist with logistics, including framing, transportation, and installation, ensuring a seamless integration of art into the space. Art advisory for hospitality, residential, and institutional projects goes beyond simply decorating a space. It adds depth, meaning, and visual appeal, enhancing the overall experience for guests, residents, and visitors. With their expertise and knowledge, art advisors serve as trusted partners, bridging the gap between art and design to create spaces that inspire, captivate, and leave a lasting impression.