“Making art is like trying to conquer unknown territory."

"A space that doesn’t exist until you discover it."

Jan Kaláb became a prominent figure on the urban art scene after emerging from former Eastern Bloc. In the 1990s he established an iconic crew 'DSK', which proved instrumental in introducing graffiti to the Czech Republic and beyond. He is influence is consistently expanding, eliminating the differences between great and minor art, the milieu of street art, graffiti and gallery art.
Jan Kaláb, aka 'Cakes' aka 'Point', are names used to distinguish specific points in his progressive artistic career, signifying his conflicting multidisciplinary spectrum: the spontaneity of graffiti vs controlled geometric forms. As a result, Jan's method is ultimately documentation of experimenting with a repertoire of medium, motion & variation.
Vivid colours, multiple layers & abstract formation are the basis of Jan's diverse disciple, influenced by a collective of artistic genres, resulting in highly decorative and illusionistic compositions. Experimentation is the term often used to conclude his practice, consistently  inventing new forms and overcoming boundaries. What Kaláb creates evidently pays tribute to his past - the art of graffiti.
Some of Kaláb’s selected solo shows include: “The Soul of Graffiti” at the Albin Polasek Museum, Winter Park, USA, “Point of Space” at Trafo gallery, Praha, CZ,“Perspective of Clouds” at Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, USA, ​​”Pluriforme” at  Openspace Gallery, Paris, FR, “Awakening” at The House of Fine Art, London, UK.