Jason Sims | Structural Nature: London

20 July - 2 August 2023
Structural Nature is an exhibition of new work by contemporary Australian artist Jason Sims. Using the properties of light and reflection, Sims creates sculptural works, large-scale installations and public art that create simple illusions of space and form. These works investigate the interconnectedness of the internal and external, the physical and the psychological. More recently, they have developed with a focus on the natural world. Referencing both natural systems and geometric forms found in nature, the work is intended to evoke the sublime and emulate the eternal.
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from the University of South Australia in 2006, Sims has exhibited across Australia as well as in Hong Kong, the USA, the UK and Europe. His work is held in public and private collections around the world, and he has been a finalist in numerous awards. In 2021, Sims was commissioned by Illuminate Adelaide to deliver his third major public artwork as a gift to the city to celebrate the Festival’s inaugural year, and in the past year he has exhibited work in exhibitions and art fairs in Melbourne, Miami, Palm Beach, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lille, Karlsruhe, Madrid and Seoul.
Sims is most interested in producing work that serves as a vehicle to deconstruct perceived physical limitations and facilitate a meditative response, inviting viewers to embrace the illusion of space created as reality. He particularly enjoys working with illusion for its seductive qualities and its power to interrogate our understanding of the world around us.