Art Central : Hong Kong | BOOTH: A26

22 - 25 March 2023

Our concept for our 2023 booth conveys the juxtaposed eclectic contemporary subjects contrasting the organically controlled artistic discipline.

Ihwa Kim’s meticulously controlled, calculated strategy ultimately exhibits the art of patience, transporting the viewer into a meditative state. Her dominating perspective plays on precision, depth and space, emulating elusive imagery that enables us to discern at according to our own interpretation.

Multidisciplinary artist Jan Kaláb can be distinguished at specific points in his artistic career, signifying his conflicting spectrum: the spontaneity of graffiti vs controlled geometric forms. As a result, Jan’s method is essentially a documentation of experimenting with a repertoire of medium, motion and variation.

With her instantaneous ability to work with fluid enamel, Mary Ronayne’s figurative yet abstract practice encapsulates energy and movement of the subject. Her chosen medium successfully achieves a playful, aesthetic effect that dominates her compositions, contrasting the control she has over the narrative.

A methodology that incorporates imaginative utopias and strategically structured variation of mixed media, Eser Gündüz conveys a chaotic yet controlled composition to emulate thought processing taking place. The gestural brushstrokes and scientific text are intentionally portrayed, serving a purpose of documentation rather than just a decorative function.

New exhibiting artist, Iryna Maksymova, contemplates the organic natural forms of female and male attributes, assessing their empowering equality within the current social climate. Her approach addresses their interconnection and development through modern visual compositions, contributing to cultivating primitive art.