Genesis | Female Group Exhibition: London

8 - 22 March 2023

HOFA Gallery is honoured to announce a female led exhibition consequently taking place on International Women's Day, 8th March, with a curated selection of artworks that distinguish between the concepts of equality and equity, correlating with this year’s campaign theme #EmbraceEquity. 


Equity is inherently interpreted as utilising resources to accomplish a coherent framework uniquely applied to the individual. This is evidently exhibited throughout the multidisciplinary works of artists Ilhwa Kim, Mary Ronayne, Anne Von Freyburg, Lucile Gauvain, Sophie Victoria and Marie Pol, who each establish their distinctive contribution to the contemporary art world. Their intention is to consciously stimulate the senses, challenge perspective and inaugurate a platform of ongoing dialogue between the artwork and the viewer, through amalgamation of painting, sculpture and mixed media.


With this in mind, it is of utmost significance to discern the notion of equality, juxtaposed to equity, which is politically determined as the foundation of democracy based on the premise that individuals should be granted the same opportunities in life. 


Equity, however, theoretically determines that success is attained through personal efforts and not social status. It is this inclination that propels our female artists to ascertain their position, relevance and continued dominance within the art world, as each artist consciously  optimises their opportunities, whether influenced by their environment, social climate or personal progression. 


‘Genesis’, acknowledging the female being the initial creator of mankind, therefore, concludes to illuminate the creative disciplines of our powerfully lead female artists, who communicate their unique aesthetic language that propagates a sense of equity, in alignment with their accomplishments.