Enticing the Miraculous | Asian Show: Mykonos

1 - 14 June 2023

Enticing the Miraculous

Curated by Dagmar Carnevale Lavezzoli at Crysalis

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist."
- René Magritte 

“Enticing the Miraculous" brings together a diverse group of Asian artists who, through their unique practices, conjure the sublime and the extraordinary, inviting viewers to engage with the awe-inspiring in contemporary art. Each artist contributes to the overarching theme by challenging our perceptions, transcending limitations, and offering a glimpse into the infinite.


Yao Jui-Chung's works are a fusion of traditional Chinese landscape paintings and modern, vibrant energy. By incorporating witty daily details and golden features, his art emphasises the preciousness of nature in our contemporary society.


In a similar vein, Pan Jian's chaotic silhouettes of leaves and branches evoke uninhabited deep forests with an electrifying color palette. Drawing from the tradition of Chinese landscape painting and the meditative qualities of Rothko, Pan Jian's work blurs the line between the symbolic and the real.


Gordon Cheung's still-life flowers continue the Dutch Golden Age tradition, serving as a romantic narrative of materialism and the fragility of life, while also embodying expressions of wealth and power. These works provoke contemplation on the miraculous balance between beauty and decay.


Ilhwa Kim's intricate, tactile universes are composed of tens of thousands of seed units, each a unique, hand-dyed cosmos of color and form. These mesmerising works defy the distinction between sculpture and painting, engaging the viewer in a ceaseless conversation of transformation and perception.


Zheng Lu's multifaceted sculptures encompass a variety of subjects and possibilities, shedding light on the potential of different existential conditions, entwining the wondrous in the relationship between nature, individual character, and the self.


Gao Xintong's lyrical figures capture the immaterial realm beyond the visible world, establishing continuity with the spirit of the ancient Shan-Shui paintings, embodying the Yin-Hsien philosophy of not showing everything in order to keep the breath alive and the mystery intact.


Wang Ziling's sculptural paintings defy convention, exploring perception and reforming the structure of how we see, encouraging the viewer to embrace the enigmatic in her three- dimensional visual practice.


Combining figurative and abstract languages, Fan Qiu's artwork explores the intersection between natural and artificial elements, reality and imagination, the beauty and decay of both intimate and public spaces, while blurring the line between watercolour and oil painting.


Wang Xiaoshuang's sculptural works investigate concepts of space and time, exuding an infinite inner tension while unfurling through a calm and restrained color palette. Through the depiction of a miraculous light, each work is based on an interplay of textures and shades, evoking a space that is psychological, urban and virtual at once.


Zhuang Hong Yi's masterful fusion of Chinese and European influences results in exquisite works that balance tradition and innovation. His meditative flower bed pieces and his vibrant, expressive painted canvases embody the marriage of Eastern and Western artistic practices, as well as his personal struggle to define a sense of self between two worlds.


Tian Yonghua's utopian vision for his great Chinese nation is realised through digital artistry, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and exploring paradoxes that challenge and inspire.


"Enticing the Miraculous" immerses its audience in a world where each artist's work reveals the extraordinary within existence. By combining diverse practices and transcending boundaries, the exhibition invites viewers to experience the profound beauty and mystery that lies within art. The theme acts as a bridge, connecting these artists and inviting us all to embrace the miraculous through the power of the imagination.