Loribelle Spirovski | Homme: London

24 - 30 November 2023

HOFA announces the solo exhibition of award-winning Filippino Australian artist Loribelle Spirovski from 24 November – 6 December 2023. The highly anticipated solo exhibition marks the artist's hard-won return to art following a health-related hiatus. Titled Homme it will feature a new series of artworks of the artist's most celebrated collection, which has surged in popularity since it garnered acclaim over the past six years.


The show's initial postponement was necessitated by the artist's health challenges, particularly her inability to create artworks due to a lifelong neurological condition affecting her right arm. Despite these obstacles, Spirovski persisted, attempting to create with her left arm, only to encounter the same unfortunate issue. This has sparked concerns and uncertainties, raising the question of whether this might be artist’s final series of works.


Loribelle Spirovski has earned distinction for her diverse artistic techniques, including photorealism and surrealism, with accolades such as the 2021 Bluethumb Art Prize. However, her upcoming show highlights a unique fusion of realism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism. By merging these methodologies, she has crafted a visual language of figurative abstraction, delving into hidden depths of human consciousness. Exploring the theme of Homme Spirovski shares, 'The female gaze on the male subject is at the core of this series, inspired by my relationship with my husband, a musician. Each painting captures my unconscious musings about the lone performer, exposed and anonymous.'

The artist's fascination with the contradictions and conflicts of human consciousness are illuminated within the Homme collection, where the eyes stand out as the most defined feature. These eyes, enveloped in minimalist outlines and layers of emphatic brushstrokes, seize the gaze of viewers, inviting them to glimpse within. If eyes are the windows to the soul, Spirovski's Homme intention is to therefore propel the viewer to seek beyond the haunting and somewhat chaotic appearance of her subjects; to engage and resonate with their veiled and perhaps troubled souls.


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"Reflecting on the past 6 years of the 'Homme' series, this show plays with the visual language that I've come to develop, to present a meditative collection of figurative abstractions.
The 'Homme' series has become one of the most recognisable facets of my artistic output, and I'm very grateful for what the series has taught me. 
The female gaze on the male subject is at the core of this series, and this has always been inspired by my relationship with my husband.
For much of his life, he's walked the line between a private self, and the public face of a performer (he is a concert pianist), and the 'Homme' began as little sketches that I did while waiting backstage as he performed. 
They became unconscious musings of the lone performer, exposed and anonymous."