9 - 31 May 2019

House of Fine Art is pleased to present All I Ever Wanted Was Everything, an upcoming solo exhibition of new sculpture and painting works by Amsterdam-based artist Joseph Klibansky. The solo exhibition marks Klibansky’s first solo show in London.


Implication and paradox are at the heart of Joseph Klibansky's work. What can first appear joyous can descend into bleak melancholy. The solo exhibition will be exhibiting select pieces from Klibansky’s series of bronze sculptures, these playful figures aim to represent the juxtaposition between symbol and association.


Renowned art critic Peter Frank on the show: “Joseph Klibansky is making conceptual sculpture, not Pop sculpture per se, so he operates in a discourse closer to Hirst than to Koons, but directly related to neither. I see clearly what he is saying as an individual artist, and how he is saying it, and how he evolved to this point.”


Klibansky’s works serve as portraits of an alarming utopia that may not be what it appears. Nothing should be taken at face value in his works. In order to tell the truth, Klibansky takes advantage of a lie.


Please RSVP to attend Opening Reception. Places are limited.