19 November - 3 December 2020

For the first show of the CURATED series 'Inner Escape', Raphael Isvy (@raph_is) will curate an exhibition by 5 female artists. The exhibition embarks on a journey through intimate worlds, captivated by colour and transformed through self reflection. 'Inner Escape' encapsulates visions of going inward to escape physical restrictions and watching the familiar and domestic spaces transform through the surreal. The artists exhibiting include Lucile Gauvain, Kidd Murray, Keren Schwarz, Emily Stollery and Lise Stoufflet.


Raphael Isvy is a passionate art collector and creator of one the biggest networking communities for galleries, artists, editors and collectors on Facebook.


'CURATED' is a new art exhibition series presented by HOFA Gallery designed to put a spotlight on 5 hand-picked seasoned art collectors and their portfolios . 


At the heart of 'CURATED' is a deep appreciation of the symbiotic relationship between artists and art collectors, and the seismic benefits that flow from it. HOFA recognises both the artist and art collector as visionaries who by creating and projecting art enrich societies and cultures, catalysing change, evolution, and awareness.


'CURATED' will intimately profile 5 passionate collectors selected for the dedication, foresight, and unrelenting pace at which they enlarge their portfolios and support the careers of artists on the rise. The exhibition series will essentially be a podium for these collectors to share their vision as art lovers, patrons, and tastemakers with the world. 


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