American Roots | CURATED SERIES with Francesco Bena: London

10 December 2020 - 31 January 2021




‘PAVE Contemporary’ is a new division of HOFA Gallery and will be dedicated exclusively to supporting global emerging talent, with its key objective to promote diversity and inclusivity, whilst providing a platform for artists to create and exhibit across HOFA Gallery's international galleries.


The second exhibition in the CURATED series is led by an Italian art collector Francesco Bena. Bena is fascinated by the diversity of the American culture and the polar opposition coexisting within its emerging art scene.  The exhibition 'American Roots' will explore the rich and complex tapestry of the country through the works of four artists Othelo Gervacio, KC Ortiz, Mark Posey and UFO907.


Discussing reaching out to artists and embarking on the curation of 'American Roots' with HOFA and PAVE Contemporary, Bena said: 


“I’ve always loved that sweet spot where art and social commentary meet, and many of the artists I’ve picked are masters in this regard. I’m very excited about putting this show together and can’t wait to share my vision for ‘American Roots’.”         


CURATED series hosted by PAVE Contemporary joins forces with art collectors selected for their dedication, foresight and support of emerging artist careers.