Mother of Mankind | Curated by Adora Mba : LONDON - FREE ENTRY

22 July - 31 August 2021



Free Entry - No booking necessary


HOFA Gallery and ADA\ contemporary art gallery (Accra, Ghana) have joined forces to premiere a very special art exhibition of 16 all-female contemporary artists. The show, titled Mother of Mankind is the first of its kind to be showcased by both galleries and will be curated by Adora Mba, Founder of ADA\ contemporary art gallery.


Award-winning artists such as Emma Prempeh and Jamilla Okubo will appear alongside 14 other headline artists hailing from Nigeria, Canada, UK, South Africa, Ghana, US and France. Their works collaboratively create a rich tapestry of themes including identity, gender, family, society, sexuality, empowerment, and consumerism, from the perspectives of black femininity. The artists share a bold figurative approach and a courageous, spirited embrace of mixed media that make the show a spectacular display of colours, lighting contrasts, and styles of portraiture that range from classic, austere, and prestigious to surreal, sensual, and playful.