25 April - 11 May 2019

For  Derrick Santini's solo exhibition at HOFA London, the artist  unveils a selection of new works concerned with the human condition, the choices we make and the struggles we face. His work is a journey, an ongoing fascination with the grey area and what goes on in the in-between.


Time and evolution being a huge aspect of Santini’s practice, the works depict a fleeting quality of the contemporary meanwhile evoking a sense of familiarity through the traditional medium. The imagery reveals that things are not as they seem and what is true one second is not the second. The lenticulars become a tool to engage the audience and not only tell a story but communicate with the audience on both a physical and psychological level.


Derrick Santini (b. 1965 in North Yorkshire) is an established photographer and artist based in London. Satini regards his mages as slices of life, ‘moments in between’, as statements about the individual, and the whole, ultimately expressions of being human. Amongst notable collectors of the artist are the likes of Damien Hirst, Jemima Khan and Adele.