Maxim Wakultschik

Maxim Wakultschik's art consists of mathematically precise constructions that create order out of a chaos of various independent elements. In his complex and multilayered objects, the artist explores the interplay between light and shadow as well as the balance between surface structure and colour vibration.

Focusing on the effect and reflection of ambient light results in oscillating variations of reality that constantly challenge us to a proactive approach.

His works perpetually change with the slightest movement, the smallest alteration in perspective leads to stunning new impressions, turning his works into kinetic objects. The edges of reality and illusion are blurred and become flexible constructs of the individual, which constantly challenge us to push the boundaries of our perception.

As Maxim has continued to perfect the technique in which his artworks are made, his recognition as an artist has increased exponentially. The artist is collected by private collections in USA, Europe and Asia, including the permanent collections of museums including - The OMM / Odunpazari Modern Museum and The 21c Museum.