Zhuang Hong Yi | Sequence: London

23 February - 8 March 2023


Solo show by Zhuang Hong Yi

HOFA, London







Intricate design & detail are what take control of Zhuang Hong Yi's compositions to assemble and convey the manifestation of movement and kinetic energy, as he delicately constructs tulips from rice paper to replicate a flower bed, reminiscent of those that annually bloom in the Netherlands; Zhuang integrates Western and Eastern aesthetics that consistently contemplate a floral motif. His discipline is therefore deeply rooted within his environment: the discerning underlying tension between tradition and freedom in the East and West.


The simplicity of his chosen medium of delicate rice paper is strategically placed and achieves a highly decorative, elusively enhancing floral fabrication. Correlating colours that subtly shift in variation skilfully aid a sense of movement of not just the eyes but the body of the viewer as they move from side to side, making them an active participant of his compositions.


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